Internet reacts to bizarre free items that come with a Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce cars are expensive but you get 'free stuff' included in the price, from high-end dashboard clocks to the most unusual items in hidden compartments.

by | Published on 22nd Aug 2023

Rolls-Royce isn’t a normal brand and it doesn’t make regular cars.

The price tag on any Rolls-Royce is insane but the British automaker goes the extra mile to make the owner feel special by adding a lot of hidden easter eggs and ‘free items’ in the car.

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For starters, each Rolls comes with a unique custom made dashboard clock.

The $28 million Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, for example, is adorned with an 18k white gold Bovet dashboard clock that took nearly 3,000 hours to complete.

The clock can be removed from the dashboard and worn as a pocket watch, or you can put it on strap and wear it on your wrist.

With an estimated value of around $150,000, this dashboard clock is more expensive and more valuable than (nearly) any other car on the road.

Meanwhile the latest one-off Rolls-Royce, the La Rose Noire Drop Tail, features a dashboard clock made by Audemars Piguet.

The Bovet clock for the Boat Tail (left), and the AP clock for the Rose Noire (right).

And then of course we need to talk about the world famous Rolls-Royce umbrella.

Since the launch of the Phantom in 2003, the in-door umbrella has become a staple feature for all new Rolls-Royce models.

The umbrella is hidden in the driver’s door and made in-house by Rolls-Royce.

And this is no ordinary umbrella.

It is actually made from Teflon, the same material that’s used for bulletproof vests.

This is because Teflon dries out faster than nylon, acetate and the other materials umbrellas are usually made of.

Rolls-Royce umbrellas are available on the company’s website, which means you don’t have to buy an entire Rolls-Royce car to get the umbrella.

Mind you, they aren’t cheap.

The cheapest one costs $700 or alternatively, you can find pre-owned ones on eBay for $400-$500.

And lastly, with your Rolls-Royce you also get some nice, high-quality crystal glasses.

They’re hidden in a secret storage compartment between the rear seats and legend has it they’d immediately shatter if filled with anything that’s not Champagne.



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