Rupert Grint bought the strangest mode of transport after earning ‘Harry Potter’ fortune

It's so wholesome.
  • Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint has an estimated net worth around $50 million
  • Nonetheless, the former child star has turned his money into a charming activity
  • Grint bought an ice cream truck while still filming the Harry Potter movies, and even turned up to the final day of filming in it

Published on Dec 7, 2023 at 1:16PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 7, 2023 at 6:48PM (UTC+4)

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Rupert Grint bought the strangest mode of transport after earning 'Harry Potter' fortune

Rupert Grint made a fortune at a young age from his role in the Harry Potter franchise.

And when we say a fortune, we mean a fortune; it’s estimated his net worth is around $50 million.

So, what has the former child star been spending his money on? An ice cream truck by all accounts.

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We’re hardly surprised, considering co-star, Daniel Radcliffe, bought a car worth $5,000 despite having millions in the bank.

The story goes, Rupert Grint bought the ice cream truck while still filming the Harry Potter movies.

Apparently, he even turned up to the final day of filming in it.

He’s even gone as far to say since that he first dream job was to be an ice cream truck driver.

Beats traveling on the Hogwarts Express (!).

After driving it around at first, Rupert Grint felt bad for disappointing kids who thought they could actually buy an ice cream.

In order to avoid further disappointment the actor has kept his ice cream truck fully stocked since, reports the Daily Star.

Back in 2014, Grint spoke about his ice cream truck in an interview with the Daily Mail, during which he admitted that he had an awkward encounter the first time he took it for a spin.

“My first ambition was to become an ice-cream man, which is why I bought the Bedford van,” Grint said.

“Not long after I first got it, pulled into a pub to do a U-turn and there were eight kids with their pocket money out, hoping to buy a 99 or whatever.

“I keep my van well stocked. It’s got a proper machine that dispenses Mr Whippy ice cream and I buy my lollies wholesale – for for a tenner – so I never run short.”

The actor’s now a father himself, after his girlfriend – fellow actor, Georgia Groome – gave birth to their first child in May 2020.

The couple’s daughter is called Wednesday G. Grint.

“I tend to avoid July and August, but the rest of the year I’ll drive around the local villages and if I see some kids looking like they’re in need of ice creams, I’ll pull over and dish them out for free.

“They’ll say, ‘Ain’t you Ron Weasley?’ And I’ll say, ‘It’s strange, I get asked that a lot.'”

Looks like Rupert Grint has had a sweet start to his driving career.

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