Russian bus driver attempts to cross a river, regrets it immediately

This Russian bus driver attempts to cross this muddy river but he severely underestimates the depth of the water as well as the stream's strong currents.

by | Published on 24th Mar 2023

This Russian bus driver overestimates his truck’s off-roading abilities and very nearly ends up capsizing.

The clip comes from Russia, where trucks like this one are sometimes used as school buses.

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The driver is on a muddy road as he approaches a fast-flowing stream.

He appears to underestimate the stream’s strong currents or the river’s depth – or probably both.

This becomes clear a few seconds later when he loses control and the vehicle is carried away by the current in the water.

But the worst is yet to come because right after losing control of the vehicle, you can see smoke coming from the side of the bus.

Fortunately, the river levels out and the truck somehow manages the get enough traction to pull itself out of the muddy waters.

And even more fortunately, as you can see from the video, no one was hurt.

So the question is should the driver get credit for getting the vehicle back on the road safely, or should he take the blame for ending up in this dangerous situation in the first place?

As you can imagine, users took to the comment section in droves to share their opinions.

“Lucky, just lucky,” one user said, clearly blaming the driver.

“Brave driver,” said another user who, by contrast, evidently gave some kudos to the bus driver.

Others simply find it amusing that this passes as a ‘bus’ in Russia.

“A Russian school bus 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣,” one user commented.

We’re just glad the bus escaped without toppling over or injuring anyone.



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