Samsung unveils a see-through display that costs more than a car

  • Samsung’s new transparent display is frameless, and it looks like a hologram
  • It is also unaffected by ambient light
  • The only problem is it costs more than a car

Published on Jan 08, 2024 at 10:40 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Jan 22, 2024 at 7:46 PM (UTC+4)
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Samsung unveils a see-through display that costs more than a car

We knew Samsung was gearing up to bring the big guns to CES 2024, including some pretty massive foldable displays, but this is something else.

This is the world’s most high-tech transparent display.

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Transparent displays aren’t a new concept, but they’re still quite rare.

This one is even more special because it is the world’s first MicroLED display.

Samsung showcased the difference between a MicroLED displays versus an LCD or OLED model and it’s mind-blowing.

It’s brighter, the image is a lot more crisp, and the new display is totally frameless.

In theory, when it’s off, you can’t even see it’s there.

Then you turn it on and it appears almost like a hologram.

Samsung says that not only is this display brighter and better, it is also less impacted by ambient light.

This is a big deal, bigger than it sounds.

Modern displays, even the ultra expensive ones, are always affected by ambient light such a light bulb or an LED light or a lamp.

That won’t happen with the new see-through display.

The bad news, not a surprise, is these displays are atrociously expensive.

Samsung is yet to reveal a price point for the new transparent MicroLED.

More information will likely be provided at Samsung’s Unpacked event, scheduled to take place right after CES 2024.

However, bear in mind a ‘normal’, non-transparent 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV can set you back $150,000.

That’s enough to buy a supercar.

And we thought Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset was expensive.

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