Saudi Crown Prince developing an upside-down skyscraper built into a 450-meter-tall mountain

  • Aquellum is the latest addition to Saudi Arabia’s $1 trillion NEOM project
  • It is an upside-down skyscraper, in that you explore it starting from the peak
  • It includes hotels, apartments, shops, and gardens

Published on Jan 12, 2024 at 8:53 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Saudi Crown Prince developing an upside-down skyscraper built into a 450-meter-tall mountain

Saudi Arabia has yet another trick up its sleeve.

After the $500 billion horizontal skyscraper, they’re now working on an upside-down skyscraper.

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It’s an upside -own skyscraper, so to speak, because its peak coincides with the peak of a 450-meter-tall mountain.

This means you enter the skyscraper from the top, and then it extends towards the bottom, rather than towards the top.

It’s called the Aquellum, and it’s part of NEOM – the same $1 trillion project that also includes the aforementioned horizontal ‘skyscraper’ / city, the Line.

Aquellum is home to 5-star hotels, beautiful gardens and futuristic-looking decor, among other things, but it doesn’t end there.

It also has another section dedicated to first-class apartments for visitors, leisure spaces, and shops of all kinds.

According to NEOM, the experience starts at the top of the upside-down skyscraper with the world’s first floating marina.

Moving onwards, or rather downwards, a specially designed vessel will take you through a concealed underground canal.

It looks spectacular, like something out of a Tomb Raider video game.

Then again, this is just one of Saudi Arabia’s many ambitious and expensive projects.

In addition to NEOM, they’re also working on an $8 billion turtle-shaped yacht.

To be fair, we’re no longer surprised when it comes to Saudi Arabia’s projects.

They’re working hard to put their name on the map – and it’s working.

In the last three years, Saudi Arabia’s tourism has quadrupled.

Saudi went from 4.14 million visitors in 2020, to about 30 million in 2023.

And in first seven months of 2023, it was the second most visited nation in the world.

These figures weren’t enough to get Saudi Arabia in the top 10 list of most visited countries in 2023, but it feels like it’s just a matter of time before that changes.

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