This is the Sea Level CF8 and it’s the future of yachting for billionaires

The 80-meter superyacht is defined by a massive, yet undeniably beautiful curved glass structure built to store your supercar collection.

by | Published on 19th Jan 2023

This is the Sea Level CF8 and it’s the future of yachting for billionaires

Forget conventional yacht designs, because this is far from anything you’ve ever seen before. 

The 80-meter yacht is defined by a massive, yet undeniably beautiful curved glass structure.

And you can drive your supercars on board, allowing you to explore every city you dock in from the comfort of your own car.

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Created by Sea Level Engineering, the concept takes inspiration from the Louwman glass showroom in The Netherlands. 

That’s how the huge, 100-cubic-meter glass structure was born.


Sea Level designed it so you could easily drive your supercars on and off the yacht rather than relying on cranes. 

As a result, they designed a hydraulic platform with a ramp that can rise and lower as you need. 

The platform can also rotate so you can choose which car to take out in each city.

Because the dome-like glass structure is so wide, the company says it also serves to create additional sustainability on the water. 

This means the yacht is also extremely comfortable for guests at sea. 

And that’s just the beginning. 

This concept has been designed with just about every creature comfort you can imagine, including a heated pool and helipad.

So, not only can you take your supercars out to sea with you, but you can fly to and from the vessel on your helicopter. 

There’s also room at the front of the yacht to store your tender and water skis. 

The Sea Level CF8 might be a concept for now, but this doesn’t mean it won’t ever be built. 

Some of the world’s craziest yachting concepts have been turned into reality, proving almost anything is possible.

Take the History Supreme superyacht for example. 

The idea was to build a yacht almost entirely out of gold. 

And that’s exactly what they did. 

Even though the idea was outrageous, they built it.

And it cost a staggering $4.8 billion. 

And remember the $8 billion turtle-shaped floating city?

At 550 meters long, it would set a record for the largest floating super-structure ever made.

And Saudi Arabia is currently in talks to build it.



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