Viral footage shows yacht sinking off the coast of Italy

Published on Aug 24, 2022 at 1:41 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Viral footage shows yacht sinking off the coast of Italy

Social media has been flooded with footage of a 39.4 meter (129.3-foot) yacht sinking off the coast of Italy.

The Italian Coast Guard says the superyacht ran into trouble in the Gulf of Squillace, 14.5km (9 miles) out from Catanzaro Marina in Calabria.

It’s a well-known tourist destination for the rich and powerful.

my saga sinking yacht
Image: Guardia Costiera

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Four passengers and five crew members were aboard the vessel at the time.

All of them were rescued just before the yacht completely capsized, and all reportedly escaped without injury.

Five of the nine on board were rescued by a Romanian vessel patrolling on behalf of Frontex.

Sinking yacht identified as My Saga

The yacht in question has been identified as My Saga, which was built by Monaco Yachting & Technologies in 2007.

When delivered, it was originally named YuKo, but the name was changed in October 2021.


Taking to Facebook, the Catanzaro Coast Guard said the yacht sank as it traveled from Gallipoli in Turkey to Milazzo in Sicily.

The crew reportedly noticed the vessel taking on water from the stern on August 20.

A tug was in the process of towing the yacht back to shore when it went under.

The Catanzaro Coast Guard said it was investigating what led to the sinking.

“The identification of the causes that led to its collapse is at the center of a targeted administrative investigation activity conducted by the Catanzaro Coast Guard Command,” it said via Facebook.


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