Thieves make off with six new Dodge Challenger Hellcat cars

A group of seven managed to break into a Kentucky dealership, taking six new Dodge Challenger Hellcat cars worth $600,000 in a matter of minutes.

by | Published on 2nd Mar 2023

Thieves have gotten away with six Dodge Challenger Hellcat cars worth $600,000 from a dealership in Kentucky (KY).

Surveillance video captured the group of seven individuals breaking into Don Franklin Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Somerset in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

In a matter of minutes, they managed to take four cars from the showroom, as well as two others from the lot.

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It didn’t take long for the authorities to catch up with them, though.

According to Kentucky State Police, a trooper in Adair County saw four of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat cars heading west at speeds of around 100 mph.

When the trooper activated their lights and sirens, the Hellcats increased their speed to 180 mph.

Their attempt to get away was partly successful, as the trooper soon lost sight of the cars, but troopers in Barren County spotted them still heading west at high speed.

Troopers managed to take down one of the Hellcats after deploying spike strips, in the process capturing the driver and taking him into custody.

So far, five of the stolen Dodge Challenger Hellcat cars have been accounted for.

Two of them were picked up in Kentucky, while one was found in Tennessee and the other in Alabama.

The sixth car is still unaccounted for, but police believe it’s in Alabama according to GPS data.

As you can imagine, the dealer is pretty upset about the whole situation.

“Really just heartbreaking. It’s $600,000 worth of cars gone. You know, that’s a lot of money. A pretty big deal,” dealership manager Adam Bryant told local news network WKYT.

“They broke out a back window, got into the building, found the keys to all six vehicles, and drove them off the lot in a matter of minutes.”

The crazy thing is, it’s not the first time this particular dealer has suffered a similar Hellcat breakout.

In September of 2022, four other Hellcats were stolen from the same dealership.



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