Wild Star Trek-inspired supersonic hydrogen plane is built for luxury and 1,100mph speeds

The wings actually fold away while parked.
  • The Sky OV could be the future of commercial planes
  • It’s nearly as fast as a Concorde
  • It features bladeless engines

Published on Nov 16, 2023 at 1:50PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 22, 2023 at 7:11PM (UTC+4)

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The Sky OV is the sci-fi-inspired future of aeroplanes
Oscar Viñals

The Sky OV plane looks like something from the set of a sci-fi film.

But it’s actually a commercial plane.

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Oscar Viñals, a designer from Barcelona, has sketched what he says is the future of air travel.

His plane has foldaway wings and bladeless engines inspired by a certain vacuum cleaner company.

The Sky OV doesn’t look like your average passenger plane.

From above it bears an unmistakable resemblance to an iconic silhouette.

This concept plane takes inspiration from the Star Trek delta insignia, with an arrowhead-shaped body.

Viñals says that the next generation of commercial aeroplanes will have features that we currently consider ‘sci-fi’.

And the Sky OV certainly fits that brief.

Its futuristic shape is more similar to a fighter jet than your average Boeing.

But it’s intended for commercial use with room for 200 people.

Passengers will be treated to a roomy, luxurious interior and a variety of commodities and devices while in the air.

What is most exciting about this plane is its engines, because the Sky OV uses a combination of hybrid pulse detonation engines and turbofan technology.

“Pulse detonation engines are more efficient than traditional jet engines at high velocities, and can drive an aircraft to four or five times the speed of sound,” Viñals says.

The cruising speed of this plane is 913mph, while its maximum speed would be 1,141mph.

To put that into perspective a Concorde’s high speed is 1,354mph.

Most impressively this is achieved without fan blades.

Viñals took inspiration from none other than Dyson’s bladeless fans for his turbine engine design.

“The system could turn the air surrounding a craft into powerful thrust capable of supersonic speed,” he says.

This makes the plane 30% lighter and 50% more efficient on fuel.

Not content with just travelling at incredible speeds, the designer has also pledged to make the engines near-silent.

Aiming to produce zero emissions, this plane will be powered by hydrogen fuel.

It will also use solar power, thanks to the quantum solar panels on the plane’s roof.

When parked, the wings will be able to fold away to maximise space at airports.

This plane is just a concept for now.

But the way it combines speed, luxury and sustainability makes it a pretty realistic model for the next generation of aeroplanes.

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