Sons use father’s car painting skills to decorate his casket in tribute

  • A sibling duo decided to pay tribute to their father the right way
  • They decorated his casket using what he taught them
  • Their dad taught them how to paint cars

Published on Jun 26, 2024 at 2:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Jun 26, 2024 at 2:50 PM (UTC+4)
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You might want to grab a box of tissues for this one because a pair of siblings decided to pay tribute to their father by painting his casket the same way he taught them to paint cars in their family body shop.

It’s nothing short of heartbreaking.

What could be a better way to pay homage to your father than by doing what he taught you?

Well, these guys understood that and did it the best way they knew how.

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Duo paints their father’s casket

It’s certainly an unusual thing to do, but they pulled it off valiantly.

A video of them painting the casket recently went viral on the internet, including on TikTok and Reddit.

It shows the duo in protective gear in what appears to be a workshop garage.

If you think painting a car is an undemanding task, you might want to think again.

On top of that, using the same method to paint something — that isn’t a car — requires even more skill.

And doing all that during such an emotional and hard time is something respectable in itself.

The finished casket looks — and we hope they don’t take this the wrong way — quite remarkable, to say the least.

It has a metallic blue base with a crimson-red body and hints of bright orange along the handles.

The duo did one last paint job for their dad, and that respray would certainly not look out of place on a sports car.

Painting a car the right way isn’t effortless

Car painting skills do not come easily, and you need sheer focus to paint anything.

It’s not all about picking up a tub of paint and applying colors.

Rather, you need to go through a series of complex procedures to get to the final version realistically.

And knowing about this might just make you empathetic about Court, who hand-painted every Rolls-Royce made in the last 20 years.

It’s not an easy job and requires the utmost precision and focus.

Anyhow, the casket that the siblings crafted is a work of art, and their dad would be proud.

Amongst all the chaos you see on the internet, things like these tend to give a reality check.

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