The long-awaited Sony car finally has a launch date

It will be developed in partnership with Honda.

by | Published on 17th Oct 2022

Sony has finally given us an official launch date for its first car.

This is a big change of paradigm in the car world because it means you’ll soon be able to drive a car made by the same company that built your PlayStation.

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There is still a lot we don’t know about the car because Sony is keeping details under wraps.

However, what we do know is that it will be electric, autonomous and it will made in partnership with Honda.


The Japanese manufacturer will develop the chassis, the brakes, the suspension system and so on.

In the meantime, Sony will focus on the infotainment system and the Level 3 autonomous driving system.

For reference, Level 3 means the car will be able to drive itself but it will still have a steering wheels and pedals, allowing the driver to override the system if necessary.

The body is sleek, albeit a bit boxy.

It gives off Tesla Model X vibes with a hint of Lucid and that’s not a bad combo.

Sony first unveiled some teaser images for its concept car called Vision S a couple of years ago and some people assumed it was vaporware.

But it wasn’t.

It’s happening, and it’ll join the (growing) list of tech companies that now want to make cars.

The list includes Huawei, which has already launched its first model, and of course Apple.

In addition to the original Vision S concept, Sony also unveiled a new SUV concept simply ‘Vision S 02’, and this is the one that will be used as a base for the production model.

The body is sleek, albeit a bit boxy.

It gives off Tesla Model X vibes with a hint of Lucid.

It’s unclear whether the new new Sony car will retain the ‘Vision S’ name.

If the Vision S concept is anything to go by, the car will be able to accommodate up to seven people in three rows of seats.

And of course it will be a tech fest with TV screens for rear passengers and a massive infotainment display that covers the entire dashboard.

So when is this going to happen?

Well, Sony and Honda have confirmed that pre-orders will come during the first half of 2025, with deliveries scheduled for Spring 2026 in the US and November 2026 for Japan.



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