Sports billionaire Shahid Khan has a brand new 400-foot-long superyacht that has its own submarine

It has a spa with a waterfall, three swimming pools, and a basketball and pickleball court.
  • Sports billionaire, Shahid Khan, has a brand new 400-foot-long Lurssen superyacht
  • The extravagant vessel has a spa with a waterfall, three swimming pools, a basketball, and a pickleball court
  • But its real appeal is the fact that it has its own submarine

Published on Mar 14, 2024 at 8:44PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024 at 4:24PM (UTC+4)

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Sports tycoon and billionaire, Shahid Khan, has a brand new superyacht – and it’s the ultimate billionaire accessory.

The 122m (400 ft) Lürssen superyacht is pretty extravagant.

From a spa with a waterfall to a pickleball court and a submarine – it’s the height of extravagance.

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He sold his original 95 m (312 ft) Kismet superyacht to an ex-Google CEO for $158 million and it was renamed Whisper).

Originally called Project Jag, the new, and arguably improved, Kismet yacht was built by renowned German shipyard, Lürssen.

Its exteriors were designed by Nuvolari Lenard and interiors by Reymond Langton Design.

Per yacht dealer, Cecil Wright, Kismet is a “symbol of uncompromising luxury and sets a new standard for excellence in the industry”.

They also shared stunning images of the unbelievably opulent interior.

Kismet is yet to be delivered to the wealthy entrepreneur, however, it’s clear that the interiors would put most 5* hotels to shame.

Worth a massive $12.2 billion, the motoryacht is a “beautiful, bespoke homage to the owner’s lifestyle.”

Interested in living it up on the ocean? This exact replica of the Titanic, the ‘Titanic II’ is being built by a billionaire.

And, on the subject of billionaire’s foibles, a mystery billionaire has taken delivery of the world’s most expensive car.

Back to Kismet and the inviting, yet elegant interiors feature cozy seating, uninterrupted ocean views, and ornate decor in neutral hues throughout.

The unique staircase boasts the same video walls as the original Kismet vessel.

Featuring accommodation for 12 guests in up to nine cabins, the sleeping, dressing and bathing spaces are steeped in luxury.

The clever use of black, gold, and oriental motifs in panels makes it seem like a palace on the waves.

The charter yacht also has crew quarters to accommodate a staff of up to 40.

Want to relax and catch a movie? There’s an outdoor film space, or – alternatively – a teal-and-gold cinema space indoors that allows you to unwind in opulence.

If wellbeing is more your thing, a serene yoga room, a healthy juice bar and a fully-stocked gym can help with that.

Serenity comes courtesy of a hammam, sauna, and cryotherapy chamber

Dancefloor and lounge areas on the exterior are the perfect space to party.

The superyacht’s pool deck salon has perfectly designed colored lighting to really set the mood – whatever you’re going for.

The spectacular Kismet Yacht can be chartered for $3.2 million a week.

In other yacht news, an electric superyacht and flying car have combined to create the vehicle of the future.

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