Electric superyachts and flying cars combine to create vehicle of the future

  • This conceptual pairing of an eVTOL flying car and electric superyacht is the future of stealth wealth
  • British eVTOL manufacturer, VRCO, teamed up with Austrian-based, Silent Yachts
  • And the results are stunning

Published on Mar 07, 2024 at 9:11 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Mar 08, 2024 at 8:03 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Adam Gray

If you want to know what the future holds for luxury travel, look no further than this conceptual pairing of an eVTOL flying car and electric superyacht.

British start-up and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) manufacturer, VRCO, teamed up with Austrian-based Silent Yachts for this stunning design concept.

In an industry first, it shows the forthcoming Xcraft XP4 seamlessly integrated into the flagship Silent 120 electric catamaran.

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It’s the first-ever collaboration between a yacht builder and aircraft manufacturer.

The collaboration is designed to raise the profile of both as the ultimate stealth-wealth accessory for billionaires.

Many innovators are focused on how the flying car can aid the urban environment – like this colossal 40-passenger flying taxi bus that would transport people 331 miles in one hour.

Plus, this eVTOL air taxi that recently completed its first inter-city flight in China.

However, Silent Yachts and VRCO are focused on how the eVTOL can be integrated into the world of the super wealthy at sea via the superyacht.

Silent Yachts’ Silent 120 is an as-yet-unbuilt flagship and just one of their all-electric superyachts.

Meanwhile, VRCO’s ‘hyper luxury supercar of the skies’ is roughly 12 months away from certification.

VRCO’s four-seater XP4 is powered by four tilting and rotating turbofans.

It has a ballistic parachute for emergencies and hydrogen-based range extension system for additional flight security.

Each XP4 will be bespoke, with material and design choices both inside and out directed by the lucky owner and styled by Italian designer, Marco Casali.

On the water’s surface, the Silent 120 is the vision of founders, Heike and Michael Köhler.

Their fleet of zero-emission superyachts use solar panels to create unlimited range and zero noise or air pollution when sailing or at a standstill.

This explorer-style catamaran is 36.74m (121 ft) long with a 13.85m (45 ft) beam.

A vessel that large means there’s plenty of room atop for an eVTOL.

A cleverly engineered touch-and-go helicopter pad will be created by the yacht’s solar panels sliding aside.

The temporary nature of the zone means it need not comply with some complex regulations about take off and landing at sea. 

And, if flying and sailing weren’t enough, the Austrian ship manufacturer has also announced a collaboration with personal submarine builders, U-Boat Worx.

Their Nemo submarine is also electrically powered and will be able to utilize power from the yacht’s solar panels to charge ahead of a dive.

Luckily, as well as the helipad, the yacht’s spacious interior means there’s plenty of room for these add ons without sacrificing cabin or deck space.

The first Silent 120 is currently being built, however, the company have remained tight-lipped on whether the owner will add an XP4 to their order.

But with three countries now adopting flying cars with more hoping to follow, it seems the technology is finally taking off.


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