Elon Musk shares video of Steve Aoki receiving his ‘Foundation Series’ Cyberbeast

The Cyberbeast is one of the best Tesla cars on the market
  • Tesla has only made a 1000 ‘Foundation Series’ Cybertrucks
  • The vehicle might have cost up to $135,000
  • The Cyberbeast also comes with a tri-motor all-wheel drive.

Published on Mar 20, 2024 at 3:23PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 21, 2024 at 1:30PM (UTC+4)

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Elon Musk recently shared a video of Steve Aoki receiving his ‘Foundation Series’ Cyberbeast.

So, if you see a Tesla Cybertruck driving down the famous Las Vegas strip, you might want to check again, as it might just be Aoki cruising in his Tesla.

It seems that many celebrities really like the Tesla Cybertruck, and world-famous DJ Steve Aoki is no exception.

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The Cyberbeast is the most expensive variant of the Tesla Cybertruck, and that price is more than justified by the features that it comes with.

Aoki’s Cyberbeast – seen here on his Instagram – is a ‘Foundation Series’ model, which – again – costs a little bit extra because you get that little bit extra with it.

“It’s crazy, man – I can’t believe I bought this,” Aoki said in the video.

The Tesla Cyberbeast easily pays for that extra cost through its performance, captured for all to see in this video.

The EV truck comes with a tri-motor all-wheel drive.

It can reach around 100km/h in under three seconds with a top speed of 210 km/h (130mph).

The Cyberbeast also has a range of 510 kilometers (316 miles), which can be extended to 710 kilometers (441 miles) with a special Tesla ‘Range Extender’.

“This feels like you’re driving a tank,” Aoki said while sitting in his new truck.

It seems like a lot of celebrities like the Cybertruck a lot.

It was only recently that Elon Musk responded to Snoop Dogg’s request for a free Tesla.

Let’s just say the billionaire certainly didn’t offer him a discount.

The Cybertruck has also inspired many people to customize the vehicle how they want.

Some of these custom Cybertrucks include a snowmobile variant and a ‘SpaceX Mars edition’.

Tesla fans can also look forward to the production of its next-generation EV, expected in the second half of 2025.

We’ll just have to wait patiently for that news, though.

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