Storage Wars buyer hits six-figure jackpot with one of the most expensive finds ever on the show

Published on Aug 14, 2023 at 4:15 PM (UTC+4)
by Adam Gray

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Storage Wars buyer hits six-figure jackpot with one of the most expensive finds ever on the show

A Storage Wars buyer has just scored one of the most expensive finds in the show’s history.

Darrell Sheets bagged a locker for under $4,000, which turned out to be full of some very expensive artwork.

Not bad for a day’s work.

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In case you’re not familiar with the reality show, Storage Wars sees folk bid on abandoned storage lockers.

There’s a catch, though, because they only have five minutes to look at a locker before bidding.

They’re forbidden from entering the locker and they’re not allowed to touch any of the items.

Basically, they could end up forking out for a load of junk or – in Sheets’ case – could make a very nice profit.

And after dropping $3,600 on the locker, Sheets was understandably eager to see what was inside. 

“It’s time to look at my art locker. I’m hoping this one’s the masterpiece,” Sheets told the show after making the purchase.

It wasn’t long before Sheets’ son Brandon unearthed a painting of a heart at the top with a woman’s arms holding two babies over blue birds in a nest.

Showing it to his father, Sheets responded “Oh my God, that’s so beautiful.

“If this is a real Frank Gutierrez, this thing could be worth thousands.”

And, as luck would have it, the locker was indeed filled with original artwork by Gutierrez.

But, In order to get an accurate valuation of the artworks, Sheets had to call in Kathy Gallegos of Avenue 50 Studio Inc.

And, despite some small areas of damage, Gallegos valued the collection at a staggering $300,000.

After some further investigation, Sheets shared on Twitter that he discovered the locker actually belonged to Gutierrez himself, and was in contact with him over the discovery.

“Best part is I got to speak to Frank G and I’m giving him back a lot of his personal items. He is a very wonderful man,” Sheets tweeted.

We imagine Sheets kept a few bits and pieces for himself too.

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