Father-son duo turn stretch limo into the world’s coolest gelato bar

Once they're done serving gelatos for the day, the roof folds down and they can drive it away like a regular limo.

by | Published on 20th Feb 2023

A father-son duo has just turned a stretch limo into a gelato bar and it’s seriously epic.

The car was originally designed as a way to promote Via Dolce, the family-owned patisserie in Canberra, but it has now become so much more.

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Joe Pelle and his father Domenico took care of the build from start to finish.

The gelato bar is based on a Lincoln Town Car that used to be used for parties.

The pair started by removing the interior and replacing it with a fully equipped gelato bar.

After that, they modified the roof to make it foldable.


Once they’re done serving gelatos for the day, the roof folds down and they can drive it away like a regular limo.

Yep, even after the conversion, the Lincoln stretch limo can still move under its own steam courtesy of the V8 that powers it.

The craziest part is Domenico and Joe actually registered a patent for it.

Speaking to superblondie.com, Joe said they “wanted to do something different”.

“You see caravans being used as gelato bars, [but] I’ve never seen a stretch limo,” Joe said.

The pictures you see here were taken at Australia’s National Multicultural Festival but thanks to the wheels, Joe said they can move the business to wherever they want, whenever they want.

“We do weddings, events, you name it,” he said.

The father-son duo are incredibly proud of their creation, and rightly so.

“People love the stretch limo and are always taking pictures wherever we go,” he said.



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