A day in the life of a submarine co-pilot

If you think the dream job doesn’t exist, think again.

by | Published on 18th Jul 2023

A submarine co-pilot is giving us an insight into what her dream work days look like. 

Australian woman Brittany Nash works on board a submarine that takes tourists to depths of more than 100 feet to explore Hawaii’s sea life. 

And if you think the dream job doesn’t exist, think again.

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Brittany’s day starts bright and early. 

The Aussie woman gets up at 5am every day, which she admits “is pretty grim” but says the sun is up by the time she reaches to the harbor each morning. 

Her first call of action is to check the submarine for any faults. 

Then she and her team have their morning meeting where they discuss what the conditions are like out on the water. 

Then it’s time to set off.

“So I get back on the submarine, get on the sticks and drive the sub out of the harbor,” she said. 

“Then this is my absolute favorite part of the day because for over an hour, I get to sit on top of the submarine. 

“I watch the sunrise, do a bit of yoga, read my book, and take a nap.” 

After what might be considered the best morning routine in the world, Brittany gets a call on the radio and prepares for the day’s first dive.

She and her team do a total of six dives each day, during which they rotate jobs. 

During her first dive, she narrates, “talking about all the different reefs we see and the different marine life”. 

And for the following tours, Brittany works some roles we find hard to consider actual ‘work’. 

“For the fifth dive of the day, I took the skiff for a little joy ride because I needed practice driving it,” she said.

For her last tour, Brittany works as the submarine’s co-pilot, which she describes as “making sure we don’t crash into anything” and “having a good yarn” with the pilot. 

A job in Hawaii, on the water, in a high-tech underwater machine – where do we apply? 



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