Superyacht employee reveals the craziest requests she’s received 

She's seen some pretty wild things.

by | Published on 19th Jun 2023

This superyacht crew member has just revealed the craziest requests she’s received on board. 

Giselle Azueta works on board a multi-million dollar yacht, playing host to billionaire clients. 

It sounds like the dream job, right?

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Well, the gig certainly has its perks, but Azueta says it’s not all rainbows and fairy dust. 

The 39-year-old stewardess has taken to TikTok to reveal some of the most bizarre, and sometimes foul requests some of her high-profile guests have made. 

“On one occasion, a multimillionaire guest made a proposal that he would pay $10,000 to a crew member who defecated on top of a glass table while he lay under it,” she said.

Azueta swiftly moved on, not revealing whether one of the crew members obliged or not.

“A different guest made the request that he wanted one of the hostesses to be watching him at all times while he ate dinner,” she said. 

The stewardess said she agreed to this one and stood in the corner watching while her guest ate all his meals. 

Despite the nature of some of the requests, Azueta said “you can never use the word ‘no’ in the industry”. 

“Any request, no matter how crazy or strange it may seem, is our duty to do so… as long as it’s not sexual or threatens the health or life of the crew,” she said. 

So, does defecating on a glass table fall into that criteria?

As well as being an incredibly demanding job, Azueta said there were certain expectations on crew members. 

She said superyacht owners wanted their crew to “match their yacht”, meaning the stewards and stewardesses needed to be good-looking and fit. 

Despite being a superficial industry, the yachty said it was her dream job because she got to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world while getting paid for it. 

Let’s just hope she’s getting paid well. 



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