Supercar Blondie opens pioneering automotive and gaming art design studio

It's official – Supercar Blondie is branching out into the world of automotive and gaming art design, unveiling a new studio headed up by industry experts.

by | Published on 3rd Aug 2023

The world’s biggest automotive entertainment brand has announced that it’s branching out.

Supercar Blondie has officially unveiled its new automotive and gaming art design studio – SB Design Studios.

It’s another feather in the cap of the brand, which generates over two billion views per month across its digital channels focused on cars, design and technology.

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Supercar Blondie’s unparalleled access to the automotive world has put them in a unique position.

By opening their own studio, the company will be able to combine its rich understanding of the car design world with the expertise of leading car designers.

As well as delivering trusted solutions to OEMs, the studio will also create quality assets for the automotive gaming world.

Ready to hit the ground running, Supercar Blondie has established a studio team with a strong track record.

Based in Prague, SB Design Studios will be headed by industry experts Brano Mauks and Zdenek Kvasnica.

Highly respected in the industry, both Mauks and Kvasnica understand what designs work in the real world and what designs can truly push the boundaries.

They have confidence the studio will help OEMs outsource their design work, for both production and concept cars, delivering results of the highest quality.

A key USP for the studio is bringing entertainment and industrial/automotive design capabilities into a single workflow.

By blending experience, talent, AI and software, the studio can take a car from sketch to 2D visualizations and 3D models, and transform visualizations into technical data.

It can also flip 3D models from design to gaming, encompassing model optimization, materials, LODs (level of detail), destruction models, and technical design.

“Our goal is to combine the talent of automotive and game designers to create a unique connection between the two industries,” said Chief Design Officer Brano Mauks.

“The beauty of SB’s model is that it represents one world with multiple directions, a single workflow that we can change according to the needs of the client/project.

“I don’t know of any other studio that can seamlessly switch between gaming and industrial design.”

The head of the new studio, Zdenek Kvasnica, added: “This synergy between a powerful entertainment brand and a future-facing design studio created an unparalleled combination with limitless possibilities.

“Supercar Blondie has pioneered a unique approach to presenting cars, technology and luxury.

“Now we are adding the capability not only to present beauty, but also to be at the core of its creation.”

Both SB Design Studios and Supercar Blondie are owned by umbrella company, SB Media Group.

As well as offices in Prague, SB Media Group has a presence in London, Dubai and Boston.

SB Media Group has grown into a digital media network with a roster of talent, a portfolfio of channels and shows across multiple social media platforms, and now an automotive design studio.



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