Quiz: How much do you know about supercars?

From Denmark's only supercar to the first supercar to set a Guinness World Record.

by | Published on 14th Oct 2022

From Denmark’s first and only sportscar to the Guinness World Record-certified fastest hypercar: how much do you really know about supercars?

You know they’re exotic, expensive and flashy, bud did you know that Lambo once made a 4-door sedan supercar?

Take the Supercar quiz to find out just how much you really know about the crazy world of supercars.


You know a lot about supercars, including some of the most obscure and rare ones.

Good job!

Ouch, better luck next time.

Have a quick look at the answers below, and take it again.

#1. Can you recognize this rare supercar from its interior?

Developed in the Netherlands in the early 2000s, the Spyker C8 didn’t do too well in terms of sales.

It did, however, have one of the most beautiful interiors ever.

#2. Which Japanese brand built the LFA?

This is the Lexus LFA, powered by a V10, limited to 500 units and priced at $375,000 when it was new.

These days you’re lucky if you can find one under $1 million.

#3. What is the Bugatti Chiron named after?

The car is named after Louis Alexandre Chiron, a Monégasque racing driver who was active in the 1950s.

He still holds a peculiar record: he is the oldest driver to ever finish an F1 Grand Prix, having completed the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix just months before his 56th birthday

#4. What does the acronym "LP" stand for in a Lamborghini?

LP stands for Longitudinale Posteriore, a reference to the rear longitudinal position of the 12-cylinder engine.

#5. What is the name of Denmark's only supercar manufacturer?

ZENVO was founded by Troels Vollertsen in a tiny Danish town called Præstø.

Unlike its Swedish cousin Koenigsegg, Zenvo has never really caught on despite launching 5 different models.

The brand is currently working on its first hybrid, scheduled for 2023.

#6. Which of these supercars has the fastest top speed?

The McLaren F1 was the fastest car in the world when it first came out, with a top speed of 231 mph / 372 km/h.

And that’s for the production version: in 1998, a prototype entered the Guinness Book of World Records after reaching 386 km/h!

#7. Which of these supercar manufacturers has never made an SUV?

Lamborghini has the Urus, Ferrari has recently launched the Purosangue, but McLaren hasn’t made an SUV.

But it’s just a matter of time: new CEO Michael Leiters has already said the company is “open to building SUVs”.



#8. What was the world's first supercar?

While this may not be an exact science, the Lamborghini Miura is considered to be the world’s first supercar.

Why? Because it was the first car to incorporate the elements of a supercar as we know it today.

It was fast, beautiful, exotic and ‘unattainable’.

#9. What was the name of Lamborghini's four-door supercar concept?

Lamborghini unveiled the Estoque concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

It was powered by a 5.2-liter V10 and it was designed as a 4-door supercar to compete with the Aston Martin Rapide and the Maserati Quattroporte.

Unfortunately, it never actually made it to production.





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