This Hyundai-backed eVTOL will hit the skies by 2028

Supernal's first eVTOL will carry you across the city in absolute luxury.

Published on Jul 20, 2022 at 9:51AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jul 20, 2022 at 9:51AM (UTC+4)

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The Supernal eVTOL concept

Supernal has revealed the rather fancy initial cabin design for its first eVTOL that’s set to hit the skies in 2028.

The company is owned by Hyundai, and has drawn upon its owners’ automotive design prowess for it.

This first Supernal interior concept is centered inside a forged carbon fiber shell to keep weight down.

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Passengers enter the aircraft through a massive gull-wing door that features multiple windows to take in the view through.

There are five seats inside, each designed to cocoon passengers.

The seats have been ergonomically designed to ensure there’s a place for everything.

In the seat backs, there are coat hooks that also double as a smartphone stand.

A deployable console beside each seat mimicks the center console of a car, offering a wireless phone charger and storage compartments.

It even features lighting in the ceiling that’s inspired by the sunroof in a car.

Apparently, the lighting changes constantly throughout the flight “to emulate a light therapy effect”.

Of course, there’s no shortage of fancy interior materials either.


Recyclable carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic, plant-based leather, recycled plastic fabric, and responsibly-sourced woods feature throughout.

Even the seat frames are made from offcuts from the construction of the aircraft’s shell.

Being an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing), the Supernal is designed for short passenger journeys across the city.

The company notes on its website that using an eVTOL like this will transport passengers more quickly in highly-populated cities than driving.

It even notes the journey from London to Heathrow Airport can be slashed from 75 minutes by car to just 14 minutes in this eVTOL.

However, Supernal is looking beyond electric inner-city transport to hydrogen-powered solutions for regional passenger and cargo journeys.

This first eVTOL from the Hyundai-owned company is set to hit the skies in 2028.

The concept is currently on display in the UK at the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow.


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