The iconic TAG Heuer Monza is ready for a big comeback

One of the most underrated timepieces ever is back, the new TAG Heuer Monza is here with a carbon case and an eye-watering price.

by | Published on 27th Jan 2023

TAG Heuer is finally bringing back the Monza, one of the most iconic yet underrated timepieces from the brand.

The name, as you can imagine, is a tribute to the legendary race track in Italy.

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Just like its big brother, the TAG Heuer Monaco, this timepiece is a tribute to the world of car racing.

In fact, the first TAG Heuer Monza was introduced in 1976 to celebrate Niki Lauda’s first Formula 1 title with Scuderia Ferrari.


Just like the original one, the new Monza comes in a dark color combo with a twist.

Rather than using PVD-coated stainless steel, TAG Heuer used forged carbon for the case and titanium for the dial.

The flyback chronograph movement is manufactured by TAG Heuer and it offers 80 hours of power reserve.

TAG Heuer Monza pricing and availability

Over the last decade, TAG Heuer has heavily banked on the Carrera and the Monaco.

And then of course it recently introduced the new ‘Connected’ smartwatch.

But the Monza is an important part of the brand’s history and collectors will certainly be happy TAG Heuer finally brought it back.

Production isn’t limited to a specific number, but this revival won’t be cheap.

The new TAG Heuer Monza Flyback Chronometer is priced at CHF 13,500 – $14,600 at today’s rate.

About the TAG Heuer brand

The company began as Heuer in 1860 but changed its name to TAG Heuer after being acquired by a Luxembourgish company in 1985.

It is now part of the LVHM family, along with other high-end brands like Tiffany & Co., Bulgari and Hublot.

The brand is mostly known for the Monaco, the world’s most popular square watch, and its association with the late Hollywood star Steve McQueen.

In 2020, Steve McQueen’s Monaco from the 1971 movie ‘Le Mans’ sold for $2.21 million at auction.



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