This ‘bat-winged’ tractor literally SHAKES oranges off trees

by | May 17, 2022 - 3:32PM | Tech

This bat-winged tree shakes oranges off a tree.

This bat-winged orange tractor literally shakes fruit off trees in the Spanish city of Valencia.

The machine collects fruit from more than 10,000 trees across the city at the “orange shake” event every year.

In a now viral video, the tractor is shown rolling up to an orange tree and unfurling its net, making it look like it has bat wings.

It then aggressively shakes the tree to make the oranges drop into the net.

Once that’s done, the net retracts and tips its harvest into the tractor. Simple!

A similar process is carried out when cherry-picking where a net circles the tree and a robotic arm, directed by a farm worker, shakes off the cherries.


The cherries are then sent onto a conveyor belt to be sorted into boxes.

Speaking of farm machines, a turbocharged rice tractor recently went viral on the internet.

The heavily-customized machine was decorated in bright colors, had big stereos and extra horsepower.

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Riding on tall tracks that can move forwards and backward independently of each other, the tractor is able to perform 360-degree turns.

In a video, CB Media toured the crazy contraption and said “everything is made by hand here in this workshop” from the frame to the cabin.

The tractor’s cool party trick is being able to do donuts on the spot.

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Its tiny turning circle would also come in handy when turning at the end of each row of the rice field.

The power of the tractor is estimated to be just 200hp with its 1.9-liter diesel engine from an Isuzu D-Max.

And it has about 400 Nm of torque.

Now that’s some cool tech!


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