The Tesla Cybertruck already has a super futuristic camper

With a built-in bed, kitchen and movie projector, this camper is ready and waiting for the Cybertruck.

by | Published on 17th Aug 2023

Despite not yet being released, the Cybertruck is inspiring some pretty awesome accessories. 

A US-based startup is launching a wedge-style camper that clips onto the back of the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton. 

Designed by Space Campers, the extension comes with just about everything you could imagine.

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For starters, the truck topper can be attached to the vehicle super easily. 

And setting it up for camping takes less than two minutes because it uses air-powered actuators. 

So what’s inside?

The Tesla Cybertruck camper fits a murphy-style bed big enough for two people, which can be detached and folded away. 

Stored under the bed, there are extensions that can be pulled out to become benches and tables. 

The wedge camper comes with a black gel coat finish that matches the Cybertruck’s matte black option. 

But you can add a stainless steel armor. 

Space Campers says this is made for extra durability and protection, but it also looks badass.

At the back of the Tesla Cybertruck camper is an awning that extends to create a sitting area wherever you choose to set up camp. 

It also has a racking system so you can load your boards, bikes, solar panels, or whatever else you want to take with you. 

If all that’s not enough, you can turn it up a notch too. 

The company is also building a bunch of accessories for people who take their camping trips seriously.

One of their accessories is a full bathroom set up with a shower, portable toilet, and tankless water heater. 

They’re also making a full kitchen that can be set up inside the camper. 

The kitchen comes with a stainless steel sink basin and faucet, cooktop, and water system. 

They’ve also got a movie projector kit and a back rack with extendable bamboo sliders. 

So how much will you have to fork out for the crazy Cybertruck camper? 

The pre-sale price is $24,000, and if you want any of the accessories, they’re extra. 



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