Cybertruck spotted drifting and tearing through mud in brand-new footage

The footage shows the truck in all-new beast mode.

Published on Oct 9, 2023 at 1:21PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 9, 2023 at 8:37PM (UTC+4)

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Cybertruck spotted drifting

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted drifting and tearing through mud while off-roading in Baja.

The footage was broadcast on Tesla’s livestream overnight and it’s showing the all-electric pickup truck in an all-new capacity.

Since the live stream ended, clips of the truck’s wild adventures across Baja have been flooding X.

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X user Sawyer Merritt captured this epic piece of footage from the live stream, showing the truck drifting like a beast.

Even though video quality isn’t top notch, it was enough to get people excited, mostly because it shows how apt the Cybertruck is when the going gets tough.

Another video then popped up showing the truck flying through deep puddles of mud.

Again, the truck managed to drive through the mud like it was nothing.

The footage, which was taken from inside another Cybertruck following closely behind, isn’t winning any awards for clarity.

But its shakiness is doing little to stop Tesla fans from drooling over it.

“(The Cybertrucks) look like they can hold themselves vs the Raptor,” one said.

“That’s sick. Can’t wait to tear it up with my trimotor,” another said.

And despite Tesla releasing no official advertisement for the truck, people are praising the brand for its “genius” marketing campaign.

“This is the best advertisement and product placement ever. Tesla is genius,” one said.

“Can you imagine any other car manufacturer livestream this? This makes me love Tesla so much more (I didn’t think it was possible),” another said.

The footage isn’t the first to show the truck’s off-road ability in action, but it’s certainly the best.

We first saw the Cybertruck off-roading in leaked footage posted to YouTube last month.

It was the first time we saw the prototype testing with raised air suspension, which proved to be a hugely exciting new feature for would-be truck owners.

As the Cybertruck draws nearer to its delivery date, the hype around the EV continues to build.

Elon Musk promised we’d see deliveries start in late 2023, but given the constant delays, we’re not holding our breath.

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