TikTok user shares cheap and practical DIY hacks to upgrade your Tesla

He totally overhauls his center display screen and why didn't we think of this?!

by | Published on 8th May 2023

This guy has just upgraded his 2023 Tesla with a couple of cheap and practical parts he found online. 

TikTok user Hapathunder bought a 2023 Tesla Model 3 and decided to modify it with some easy DIY hacks

For starters, he focused his attention on the touch screen in the center of the car, vowing to make it more user-friendly than Elon Musk did.


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“This is the Hanssow swivelling mount kid and it essentially allows you to rotate and tilt your touch display,” he said. 

He said the kit, which can be bought for $164.99 online, comes with all the necessary tools and parts you need to easily install it yourself. 

Then he gets stuck in, explaining each step as he goes. 

“First, let’s remove the trim panel with a pry tool, next unplug the temperature sensor,” he said. 

Then he unscrews two bolts and the screen is able to come off easily. 

Next, he pulls out the connector. 

Then he installs the rotating bracket into the bracket hole, screws in the original mounting screws, snaps in the protective cover, and connects the screen to the car again. 

Then all he needs to do is tighten it with the original screws, place the display onto the new bracket, and reconnect the temperature sensor. 

“And now you have a screen that can rotate 30 degrees left and right, and tilt 15 degrees up and down,” he said. 

“This makes things so much easier when you’re reaching across the screen.”


Replying to @kage_replayz Episode 4 | Modding My 2023 Telsa Model 3: PART 4 – Adding the @hansshowofficial V3 Rear Entertainment Display 🤩🚗💨 #tesla #teslamodel3 #model3 #teslamod #teslamods #cartok #carsoftiktok #hansshow #hapathunder #fypシ

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Jason, AKA Hapathunder, has given his 2023 Tesla Model 3 a couple of other upgrades since he first bought it too. 

He’s also added a screen protector, which he advises all Tesla owners to do, and added a rear screen to entertain his kids during long road trips. 

He also tinted his windows with a full-coverage solar guard ceramic tint and replaced the plastic Tesla hubs with some blacked-out wheel covers.



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