Tesla announces potentially life-saving feature is coming to its cars

  • Tesla is giving its customers an early Christmas present
  • The company’s Holiday Update will roll out next week
  • Some new features are fun while others are life-changing

Published on Dec 13, 2023 at 8:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Dec 14, 2023 at 7:39 PM (UTC+4)
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Tesla announces potentially life-saving feature is coming to its cars

Tesla is giving its customers an early Christmas present.

The company is rolling out its 2023 Holiday Update next week.

And there are a lot of cool features to expect.

Some are fun and frivolous, like changing your car’s lock sound.

And one feature could potentially save your life.

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The car company made an announcement on X outlining what we can expect from this year’s Holiday Update.

Family trips are about to improve both for parents and kids.

The game Castle Doombad will now be available on the rear screen, and there will be updates made to Beach Buggy, Polytopia and Vampire Survivors.

New games won’t mean new ways for parents to be annoyed, though.

The rear screen will be able to link to Bluetooth headphones, ensuring the journey is peaceful no matter what the kids are watching.

Last year the company integrated Apple Music into all Teslas, and this year that extends to Apple Podcasts.

Tesla has also made small but significant tweaks to enhance the driving experience.

You’ll be able to plan multi-stop trips on its app’s Trip Planner.

The navigation now includes notifications about speed cameras, stop signs and traffic lights.

To assist with changing lanes, new blind spot technology has been added.

The camera display will flash red if the car’s indicator is on and the sensors detect another vehicle in its blind spot.

Tesla’s cameras will perform more functions than before, too.

Park Assist will now include 3D visuals on the car’s display screen, and B-pillar cameras will be added to the app’s Live Sentry view.

The most potentially life-changing update, however, is within the airbag system.

Recently, Tesla announced its Active Hood safety feature for pedestrians and cyclists.

Now it’s increasing safety for drivers, too.

If an accident triggers the vehicle’s airbags, 911 will automatically be called.

This will significantly reduce the wait time for emergency services and could save many people’s lives.

On the other end of the life-changing spectrum is the new lock sound function.

Elon Musk famously once had to recall 500,000 Teslas that could play fart sounds.

His sense of humor clearly has not matured, because he’s just added some pretty funny new sound options.

This playful update allows drivers to customize the noise their car makes when being locked.

You can choose from sounds like applause, an old-fashioned car horn, or even a goat screaming to play.

This is ideal for anyone who regularly forgets whether they locked their car or not.

If you get weird looks from strangers wondering why they could hear a goat in a parking lot, then you definitely did lock your car.

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