Embarrassed driver turtles her Tesla Model 3 on concrete lane divider

With her front wheels in the air and her back wheels wedged up against a concrete hump, this Tesla driver isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

by | Published on 8th Mar 2023

The driver of this Tesla Model 3 has managed to turtle her car on a concrete lane divider. 

The embarrassing moment was captured by a passing driver and unfortunately for the woman behind the wheel of the Tesla, has since been shared online for the world to see. 

In fact, it already has thousands of likes and comments on the Idiots in Cars channel on Reddit.

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According to the photo, the woman managed to drive over a concrete hump and land on top of a huge divider that separates incoming and outgoing traffic. 

With her front wheels in the air, and her back wheels wedged up against the concrete hump, it’s no surprise she was unable to maneuver the car any further. 

And it’s probably for the best because the underside of the Tesla is likely covered in scratches that would only worsen if she forced it any further.  

What we can’t see is the sign the driver might have hit.

Yep, according to this Google Maps image taken outside a Tim Hortons restaurant in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, a road sign is clearly visible in the center of the two concrete blocks.

We can’t know for sure, but it’s entirely possible the sign is now lying flat underneath the Tesla Model 3. 

What makes the situation even funnier is the driver’s expression. 

We’ve blurred her face to save her dignity, but if you absolutely need to see it, it’s visible on Reddit.

The woman is clearly mortified by the situation she’s gotten herself into.

And probably even more embarrassed that someone’s managed to snap a photo of it. 

Unsurprisingly, people flocked to the post to have their say.

While most mocked the driver, others shared their concern for the car.

“Wondering what Tesla has underneath to protect the battery. The underside of that car is mostly battery and repairs can be ridiculously expensive,” one commenter said. 

“That could be one expensive caffeine fix.” 



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