Tesla Model X owner decided against minimalism with a brilliant but strange mod

The button-based makeover gives him quick access to the car's essential functions
  • Elon Musk’s approach has been to reduce visual clutter in the Tesla
  • Owners have a love/hate relationship with the minimalist layout of the Tesla Model X
  • One car enthusiast wanted to mod his car to bring back one traditional element

Published on Oct 26, 2023 at 7:24PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 30, 2023 at 2:29PM (UTC+4)

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This Tesla Model X has had a love/hate upgrade

One Tesla Model X owner has had enough of the minimalist interiors of his EV.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk‘s approach has been to reduce visual clutter and, with that, buttons inside the model.

Think: the replacement of turn signal stalks with steering wheel buttons on the Model 3 glow-up, for example.

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However, while some appreciate the aesthetic there are those who prefer all the knobs and buttons they can lay their fingers on.

Enter one Tesla Model X owner who pushed back against the lack of sensory satisfaction a button can bring.


Shared to X by @ray4tesla, the driver from China is seen in the video modifying his EV to add some more traditional elements.

In an apparent push back against the central touchscreen to access most vehicle functions he retrofitted some physical buttons beneath.

Mounted right under the touchscreen, its reminiscent of what Mercedes-Benz used on previous-iterations of its sedan.

There are 12 buttons in total, providing quicker access to some of the vehicle’s essential functions than the futuristic touchscreen.

So what do they actually do?

While some of them serve as shortcuts to key parts of the vehicle’s menu, others launch direct commands.

There’s a button for opening the “frunk”, adjusting the front seats, folding the side mirrors, heating or cooling the car or skipping a track.

While English subtitles aren’t provided, the video shows the car enthusiast attaching the switch panel to the back of the touchscreen.

He then goes deeper and attaches the wires.

Ray shared his thoughts in the video’s caption:

“This device completely defeats the purpose of minimalism.”

Some commenters seemed to agree.

“Expression of individualism,” one commenter said.

“A big trend in China nowadays to modify your car from the inside, as outside modifications are extremely limited thanks to strict laws in China.

“Personal Opinion: Agreed. Completely defeats the purpose of minimalism.”

“Elon tries to drag us out of the Stone Age, and this guy is kicking and screaming to go back to his cave,” said another.

While others weren’t against the buttons.

“In terms of design minimalism is champ. But when driving buttons for some critical functions make a ton of sense,” one said.

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