The first ever Brabus Porsche Taycan Turbo S is an electrified masterpiece

The German tuning company has basically dunked the entire car in carbon fiber and luxury materials.

by | Published on 7th Sep 2022

Brabus has taken a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and turned it into an electrified masterpiece. 

The German tuning company has totally overhauled the Taycan, basically dunking the entire car in carbon fiber.

To start with, Brabus gave it a brand new front splitter and carbon fiber fins.

Watch the video here!

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While the fins were added for better aerodynamics, they also give the car a super aggressive, racing car appearance.

At the rear of the car, the tuner added a three-piece carbon fiber spoiler and a new rear diffuser, giving the car a racing flair.


And in true Brabus style, the wheels got a makeover too. 

The Brabus Porsche now has 22-inch Monoblock forged wheels with a signature black finish.

They’re also fitted with acid green brake calipers to match the interior. 

You can’t really create a ‘Brabus masterpiece’ without upgrading the interior and that’s exactly what the company did . 

Inside, Brabus has gone ‘black and bold’, covering the seats in black leather with acid green accents.

The leather is also perforated, allowing the green to shine through from underneath, giving it an almost holographic appearance.

Brabus has also fitted the Taycan with bucket racing seats in both the front and back.

It needs them too, because the car now churns out 761 hp and goes from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds. 

Carbon fiber elements are omnipresent throughout the interior as well, including the instrument panel, the center console and the door panels. 

The steering wheel is covered with Alcantara and finished with green decorative stitching. 

Even the scuff plates are upgraded, backlit with the Brabus logo, which alternates between red and white. 

Oh, and speaking of the Brabus logo, it’s everywhere. 

The german tuner has integrated the logo in all corners of the car from the bonnet to the aluminum hub caps. 

And Brabus has given you plenty of natural light to see them because the Taycan now has an enormous panoramic sunroof.



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