There’s a new Maserati SUV and it’s well worth the wait

There's a new Maserati SUV and it's defined by its software not just the engine.

by | Published on 25th Mar 2022

Maserati first announced the Grecale a couple of years ago and even though it took them a while to unveil the finished product, it was worth the wait for two reasons: it looks good and it’s in tune with the times.

The Grecale looks and feels like it was designed in the modern world by people who have finally come to terms with the fact that we’re living in an era where cars are defined by their software, not just the engine.

Unlike the Levante (Maserati’s other SUV), which features yesterday’s technology, the Grecale’s modern interior is fitted with a 12.3 inch display and an 8.8 inch instrument cluster.

There’s also a nice dashboard clock, which is digital and integrated with the same features you can control from the infotainment system.

The range-topping, all-electric model (a first for Maserati) is named after Italy’s Paratroopers Brigade – ‘Folgore’ and it’s fitted with a 400-Volt unit.

But there’s good news for people who still like the smell of petrol because the Grecale will also be available with a 4-cylinder mild-hybrid unit, delivering 300 hp for the GT version and 330 hp for the Modena version; and then there’s the Trofeo, which is powered by the same 530 HP 3.0-litre V6 that you’ll find in the MC20 sportscar.

Pricing starts around $63,000.



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