YouTuber installs F1 exhaust system to his Lamborghini Aventador and now it shoots FLAMES

TheStradman just installed a $14,000 F1 exhaust system to his Lamborghini Aventador. Not only does it sound unreal but it shoots flames out the back.

by | Published on 25th Apr 2023

The Lamborghini Aventador already sounds like a beast. 

But that hasn’t stopped one YouTuber from fitting a full F1 exhaust system to his. 

Yep, TheStradman has installed a new $14,000 F1 exhaust system from Gintani and the result is crazy.

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The video was posted just two days ago and has already amassed almost a million views. 

That’s unsurprising given the 6.5L V12 now shoots flames.

Just one week after unwrapping his new Lamborghini Aventador coupe, James Condon AKA TheStradman promised to give it an entire makeover. 

Not only did he commit to adding the new straight-piped exhaust system, but he’s also adding a full carbon fiber Duke Dynamics wide-body kit.

To get the job done properly, TheStradman brought in Alex Gintani himself to do the installation and tuning. 

With the new exhaust installed, Alex starts it up and the reaction it gets from TheStradman speaks for itself. 

“That sounds like a Formula 1 car,” he says over the deafening sound. 

“This is the greatest-sounding car in the world, I’m not even sensationalizing right now.”

TheStradman takes it for a spin and of course, drives it directly to an underpass.

“For our inaugural test drive, I have lost my hearing and I’ve lost my voice,” he says. 

“There’s an underpass about a quarter mile away so we’re just going to go and say hi to the rest of Salt Lake Valley.” 

And say hi they do. 

The Lamborghini Aventador tears through the underpass, sounding like something straight off the race track. 

“This car is transformed… it shifts so fast and that’s got to be 50 or 60 more wheel horsepower,” he says.

The next step in TheStradman’s crazy transformation will be to install the carbon fiber wide-body kit from Duke Dynamics. 

So, not only will this car sound unbelievable, it’s going to look out of this world by the time it’s finished. 

You can watch all the action unfold here!



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