This Ferrari has a custom Tiffany blue interior and a Tiffany basketball

Luxury knows no bounds
  • This Ferrari 612 Scaglietti takes luxury to a whole new level with its custom makeover
  • S-Klub design studio designed this car
  • It is dedicated to the one and only Tiffany & Co.

Published on Apr 19, 2024 at 1:53PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 19, 2024 at 1:53PM (UTC+4)

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Ferrari is synonymous with luxury, sports, lavishness, and everything premium, but there’s always room for more when you step into their luxury world.

This Ferrari 612 Scaglietti takes luxury to a whole new level with its custom makeover.

Imagine a Ferrari decked out in Tiffany blue, the epitome of chic and class.

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So, who’s behind this opulent transformation?

None other than S-Klub LA design studio, the wizards of customization.

And who’s the lucky star of this show? Well, it’s all dedicated to the one and only Tiffany & Co.

If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the world of luxury, you know Tiffany & Co. is like the holy grail.

Inside this Ferrari wonderland, it’s all about that Tiffany blue vibe.

The car is draped in it from head to toe, making every inch scream luxury.

And check out the trunk – there’s a fancy plate with the Tiffany & Co. label, because why not?

And as if that wasn’t enough, nestled in the back seat is a Tiffany and Co. basketball, and you guessed it right, it’s in Tiffany blue.

Talk about playing in style.

S-Klub didn’t hold back on the details either

The combo of white and Tiffany blue is like a match made in luxury heaven.

Even the tires, crafted by HRE Wheels, are custom-made in the Tiffany & Co. style.

It’s basically a dream come true for anyone with a taste for the finer things in life.

Now, let’s talk about the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti itself.

This bad boy is a beast on the road, with a sleek design that turns heads wherever it goes.

And as for Tiffany & Co.? Well, they’re like the OGs of luxury.

From stunning jewelry to iconic blue boxes, they’ve been setting the standard for elegance since way back when.

As for S-Klub LA, they’re the brains behind some of the most jaw-dropping custom rides out there, based in the heart of Los Angeles.

So there you have it – a Ferrari fit for a king, decked out in Tiffany blue and ready to rule the road.

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