This is a 250-square-foot apartment of the future

The tiny NYC apartment is fully optimized for maximum space, with a bed that drops down from the ceiling, a walk-in closet, and even a home office.

by | Published on 22nd May 2023

Generally speaking, most people aspire to upsize when it comes to moving home.

But, if you have aspirations of living in a city like New York where space is limited, you’d probably have to downsize.

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean living a minimalist lifestyle, though; as this video shows, living in a smaller home can also feel maximalist.

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The video posted to the LISTED YouTube channel features a 250-square-foot apartment in New York City.

That’s right, the tiny pad is a fraction of the size of a full-sized house.

You’re probably thinking how cramped it would be living there, and how you’d want a comfy place to stretch out and relax.

As the video proves, the key to unlocking comfortable space in a small footprint is maximizing the space you have and making it effortless.

The company behind the tiny apartment is Ori, and at the start of the video its CEO Hasier Larrea explains that it uses robotics to make spaces feel bigger than they actually are.

The biggest space killer in a bedroom is the bed so, to combat this, Ori has used the ‘Leori Cloud Bed’.

It’s a queen-sized bed that drops down from the ceiling at the press of a button.

It’s a clever bit of kit, as the back of the couch becomes the headboard, the armrests become the sidetables, and the coffee table hides beneath the bed.

The next surprise in the tiny apartment is a library space with shelving for ornaments, books and the likes.

It may look relatively normal, but at the press of a button the wall unit moves forward, creating a walkway behind it to access a walk-in closet.

Just like the ‘Pocket Closet’, the tiny apartment also features a ‘Pocket Office’ which – you guessed it – operates at the push of a button.

The wall-mounted TV moves forward to reveal a space behind where you can work from home.

There’s desk space, room for monitors, and even a cracking view of NYC – perfect for your next Zoom call background.

How do you operate all the robotic controls if the power was to go out?

Ori has clearly thought about this eventuality, as they can all operate manually, and the products are all UL safety certified, too, so the bed won’t fall down.


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