This tremendous amphibious prototype built by TVR’s former owner still works

  • The Scamander is an amphibious vehicle is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before 
  • It was created by former TVR boss Peter Wheeler 
  • Although it has been in storage for more than a decade, the vehicle still goes

Published on Jul 04, 2024 at 8:44 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

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An incredible-looking amphibious vehicle built by the former boss of TVR still works more than a decade on from when it was last used.

The late TVR owner Peter Wheeler earned himself a rock-solid reputation for creating beautiful sports cars.

However, it seems he also had his more quirky and creative side – at least if the Scamander prototype is anything to go by.

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Whatever you do, don’t call it a car

The vehicle was a bit of a passion project for Wheeler, who continued to work on the Scamander even after he left TVR. 

In an interview, Wheeler admitted that the Scamander had been designed with just one person in mind: himself. 

 “I created it for me, to be honest,” Wheeler told Evo Magazine in 2008.

“I enjoy shooting, sailing, and driving on track, so I wanted something that could cover all these elements. I call it an RRV, for rapid response vehicle. Just don’t call it a car…”

We wouldn’t dream of it – because it’s actually a whole lot more than a car. 

Designed to be used both off-road and in water, the Scamander was also modular. Its rear passenger compartment could be switched out for a pick-up bed—or, somewhat more interestingly, a machine gun mount. You don’t get that with a car, do you?

The amphibious vehicle still works

YouTuber Harry’s Garage recently went to see the unusual and somewhat futuristic-looking vehicle – where he discovered it was still functioning.

According to Wheeler’s son Joe, the Scamander, which was designed in the early 2000s, hasn’t been used since around 2012 or 2013.

And it turns out, the intervening years have been pretty kind to the vehicle as not only does it still run, but it still looks to be in decent shape.

The amphibious automobile was originally fitted with a four-cylinder engine, but this has been swapped for a Ford-sourced 3.0-liter V6 engine that can hit 275 horsepower. 

And after a decade of zero use, the engine turned over no bother.

Alongside its fully functioning engine, the vehicle’s brakes, indicators, and windshield wipers are all in fine working order, too. 

So much so, that its since been declared road-legal and certified, despite some trouble with the initial testing facility.

The unusual-looking vehicle was brought to the 2024 London Concours in May this year, where fans could get an up-close look. 

And who wouldn’t fancy a closer look at the iconic Scamander?

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