TVR’s new Scamander amphibious prototype is road-legal against all odds

It's officially back after being off road for almost 12 years
  • The TVR Scamander prototype is the only one in the world
  • The amphibious vehicle is back on the road after almost 12 years sitting in a barn
  • The concept will be displayed in London later next month

Published on May 7, 2024 at 5:16PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 9, 2024 at 6:24PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Tom Wood
TVR Scamander Amphibious prototype

After over a decade since it was shut in a barn and forgotten about, this unique and amphibious TVR Scamander prototype is back on the road – and it’s road-legal.

Ministry of Transport (MOT) certification wasn’t sought earlier after the creator and owner of TVR, Peter Wheeler died and the vehicle sat unused.

However, a new video shows it back on the road and en route to the MOT office driven by TVR fan and automotive enthusiast Harry Metcalfe, with Wheeler’s son Jo by his side.

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Both of them are aiming to get it on the road – and water again.

The versatile vehicle is capable of driving on roads and floating on water like a boat.

And being waterproof feels like a big theme for cars – and EVs in particular – currently.

This Cybertruck was seen passing through water so heavy that people couldn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, this EV launched in China can go ‘swimming’ and fully submerge.

The prototype has been dusted off and will be on display at the 2024 Concours event in the Honourable Artillery Company, London, England from 4-6 June.

While TVR has previously been noted for its cars’ speed, like the Sagaris or the Cerbera Speed 12 – dubbed the world’s most dangerous car – the TVR Scamander has an entirely different USP.

It’s amphibious and it’s now been declared road-legal and certified, despite some trouble with the initial testing facility.

The TVR Scamander was recently rediscovered a couple of months ago.

Metcalfe was struck by the epic feat of engineering of the Scamander and its almost entirely intact condition.

After its freshen-up by its new inheritor, mechanically everything seems in order.

It has new mirrors and lights and started up like a dream to drive the 40 miles to the testing facility.

A central driving position with in-built turn signals and other functions and six windows allows for optimal visibility and functionality.

The steering wheel flips up to make getting in and out easier.

Its design includes interchangeable rear layouts for carrying passengers or cargo.

The engine layout is rear-mounted behind the driver, with specific attention given to waterproofing due to its amphibious capabilities.

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