Meet Thor 24: the world’s most powerful semi-truck

Under the hood of Thor 24 are two 12-cylinder Detroit diesel engines, with 12 superchargers arranged above the block, producing a blistering 3,974 horsepower.

by | Published on 9th Apr 2023

Semi-trucks aren’t normally renowned for their performance.

However, real estate developer Mike Harrah wanted to change that.

As a result, he created the world’s most powerful big rig ever built, which took seven years to develop.

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Appropriately, Harrah named his insane creation ‘Thor 24’ after the Norse God with unstoppable power.

Thor 24 started life as a Peterbilt 359 crew cab semi-truck which was stretched to measure 44 feet (13.4 m) long.

Once the frame was completed, everything on the bottom side was replaced with meticulously crafted chrome-plated or polished aluminum performance parts. 

This included the entire driveline, hubs, brakes, and frame components.

Standard hookup and rigging features were kept in place, in case you need to tow some Ford F-150s.

To say that Thor 24 looks visually striking is an understatement.

A massive 1933 Ford-style tribute grille dominates the front, while Harrah also added flamed fenders and chrome Norse God trim pieces.

A chrome spoiler, sunroof, and an array of air horns adorn the top.

There’s even a mural featuring the God of Thunder at the back of the cab, with a huge polished aluminum sculpture of his name.

Inside, the cabin features a custom-stitched leather interior, classic wood-rim steering wheel, and a polished aluminum dash with a boost gauge for each supercharger.

Carved skulls, LED lighting, and custom paint gives the interior a classic hot rod vibe.

A 1,500 watt-per-channel stereo system and seven integrated video screens including a 40-inch unit provide on-board entertainment.

Of course, the main highlight is Thor 24’s insane engine setup.

Two 12-cylinder Detroit diesel engines, with 12 superchargers arranged above the blocks, produce a blistering 3,974 horsepower at 2,500 rpm.

Not only does that make Thor 24 the most powerful big rig ever built, it’s also the largest engine ever installed in a street-legal vehicle. 

With a nitrous boost and “incredible torque”, the 32,000-pound truck will reach a top speed of 130 mph.

Naturally, this crazy creation has a suitably astronomical price tag.

A few years ago, Thor 24 went under the hammer at an auction in Saudi Arabia where it sold for $12 million.



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