TikTok users are finding different ‘Easter Eggs’ on their Jeep and loving it

The TikTok trend has gone viral among owners of the iconic car.
  • Every Jeep has a hidden ‘Easter Egg’
  • Jeeps have had these surprises since the 1990s – but not many know about them
  • One TikToker started the trend when he found a spider by his fuel tank

Published on Nov 3, 2023 at 6:33PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 8, 2023 at 12:16PM (UTC+4)

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Jeep Easter Eggs

Here’s something you may not know about Jeep.

The American automaker is now adding hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ to some of their cars.

And now TikTok owners are taking to the platform to point out theirs.

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Joel Feder of Motor Authority explained that the rugged sports utility vehicles have had these surprises since the 1990s.

Jeep legend has it that designer, Michael Santoro, decided to slip an Easter egg into the Wrangler TJ in either 1989.

And it eventually became a tradition.

According to Mopar Insiders , each of the brand’s cars has included at least one surprise ever since.

TikTok user @jackiefoster40 started the trend when he shared a video of finding an Italian spider by his fuel tank.

It’s since been viewed 6.3 million times.

The plastic spider has a speech mark, stating “Caio, baby” as an apparent reference to the model’s Italian origin.

“So I bought my first car, and a fun fact about Jeeps is that they have a hidden animal which is called an Easter egg,” Jackie said.

“I couldn’t find my Easter egg for the longest time, and one day I was pumping my gas, and I saw this spider coming at me, and I thought ‘oh my god’, and then I realized it was my Easter egg.”

Experts have noted that Jeep Renegades can have up to 30 Easter eggs – and the spider that started the viral trend is most common.

“If you own a Jeep & you see me touching it & looking at it, don’t be alarmed! I’m simply looking for the Easter egg that Tik Tok told me all Jeeps have,” said X user, William.

According to Jed Co, the small creatures and pictures are believed to be a nod to the brand’s capabilities – such as a house gecko commonly found on the dashboard.

This is to represent the Jeep’s exellent grip when driving off road on many surfaces.

TikTok user @katepetersonn found one on her car.

Other Easter eggs that can be found in Jeep Wranglers, Cherokees, Renegades.

Some other cars include an image of a Willys Jeep, original Jeep designs in the floor mats, gas can X’s, and a map of Moab, Utah.


i never realized these were easter eggs😳 #fyp #jeeprenegade

♬ original sound – Jackie

TikToker @jazzy._.boo found multiple Easter eggs.

These included a Sasquatch on her back window.

Micaela Rae found a very cute and tiny pair of flip-flops on her jeep.

And the most meta example saw Katie Deren finding a Jeep… on her Jeep’s window.

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