Video shows toddler driving his boat to a lake and sailing it

The cute little boy, whose name is Liam, can be seen driving around in his electric ride-on before unhitching his speedboat into a lake.

by | Published on 5th Apr 2023

In this clip, you can see a toddler driving his boat to a lake and sailing it.

His name is Liam and he’s certainly living his best life is up there with the best.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, this video is just the thing.

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In the video, the little boy from New Zealand, whose name is Liam, can be seen driving along in his electric ride-on car.

Hitched to the back of his ‘Police Interceptor’ is a trailer carrying a small blue speedboat.

After swinging his SUV around, Liam then backs it up close to the water’s edge.

He then hops out of the car, making his way round to the trailer at the back, where he can be seen releasing the speedboat into the water with a mini winch.

After putting on his bright yellow life jacket, Liam is then ready to climb aboard his speedboat.

Liam might be the cutest sailor ever, zipping around the lake in the speedboat, soaking up the sun.

He’s definitely living his best life, that’s for sure.

When he’s done, Liam heads to the shore where he hooks the speedboat up to the winch pulling it back onto the trailer.

With his life jacket thrown in the back of the electric ride-on, the little boy heads off on his next adventure.

That’s where the video ends, and we can’t get enough of it.

It looks like we’re not the only ones, though, judging by the comments.

One user commented, “I just love this little video. I’m sitting here watching it multiple times and laughing out loud. Thank you for posting it. It’s beautiful.”

Another user commented, “Great life you got there kid. Great skills you are learning.”

Liam clearly won the heart of another user who commented, “Liam is a very cute, very smart and very lucky little guy. So independent, I love it.”

Massive thanks to Liam’s Life for this one – check them out here for more:






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