Watch this man accidentally smash a LEGO motorcycle worth $25,000

A man has accidentally knocked over a motorcycle made entirely out of LEGO. The motorcycle took 135 hours to make and is worth $25,000.

by | Published on 28th Mar 2023

During an episode of Lego Masters, its presenter accidentally knocked over a motorcycle made entirely out of LEGO.

It goes without saying, but the bike didn’t survive the fall.

The motorcycle took about 135 hours to build and is said to be worth around $25,000.

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The attention to detail is crazy and it makes you want to get closer to the bike to admire it.

That’s what the presenter did and unfortunately he got a little too close and knocked it over.

As thousands of LEGO bricks start flying around the studio, the nine people who built the bike look on in shock.

To be honest, we were expecting more outrage in their reaction.

So where’s the trick, why is everyone so relatively calm?

Well, there are two reasons.

First, the ‘man’ in question is Hamish Blake, a renowned Australian comedian.

And second, the accident is likely staged since, as someone in the comments pointed out, they do this once a season.

“It’s part of the show, they destroy a piece every season,” this user said.

Other users didn’t appreciate that Hamish Blake’s name is never mentioned as he is simply called a ‘man’ in the caption.

“Never refer to Hamish Blake as man again,” said one user.

“Put some respect on Hamish Blake’s name,” wrote another.

Other users got a bit more philosophical.

One user in particular seemed to find the whole ‘performance’ a little annoying.

“Staged or not, everything you’ve created or worked so hard for, will always be destroyed in the end, no matter how precious, beautiful, expensive, and time consuming it is,” they wrote.

Well, he’s not wrong.



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