Tourist left red-faced after wedging Nissan Micra in alley

The unfortunate incident involving the Nissan Micra happened just before the Easter Holiday in Mesaria on the Greek island of Santorini.

by | Published on 21st Apr 2023

Nobody ever said driving through narrow streets was easy.

It’s made even harder when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. 

One Greek tourist knows this only too well.

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Unfamiliar with the roads, the driver of the Nissan Micra took a wrong turn down a narrow alley.

Thinking they could squeeze down the alley, they decided to press on.

Big mistake, as they ended up wedging their rental Nissan Micra between two white walls.

It appears from the picture that nobody is in the vehicle, which presumably means the occupants crawled out of the back of the tiny hatch.

The picture doesn’t reveal how much damage was caused as a result of the tourist’s error but there’s no way they will have been able to open the doors to squeeze out.

A crash like will likely cause significant damage to the doors but, if the owner’s lucky, it won’t bend the chassis.

It’s happened before, by the way.

According to the website Santorini Secrets, this isn’t the first time a car has gotten stuck in an alley.

A few years ago, a red Lancia Ypsilon managed to get stuck in a similar alley in the same area.

The incident is reported to have happened ahead of the Greek Easter holiday in Mesaria on Santorini.

We know this, because the local government’s Facebook page posted about the incident.

In the post, it advised that the Nissan Micra might not be immediately removed due to the holiday, as well as the car’s compromised state.

To make matters worse for the tourist, the city also said it had notified the rental company.

That will no doubt have been a difficult (and no doubt expensive) conversation for the tourist to have.



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