Watch this guy tow a truck with his $300,000 Lamborghini Huracan

YouTuber Alex Choi is putting his $300,000 Lamborghini Huracan to the test to see how much it can tow and the result is absolutely wild.

by | Published on 9th May 2023

YouTuber Alex Choi is putting his $300,000 Lamborghini Huracan to the test, to see just how much it can tow. 

“Behind me is my street legal Huracan Super Trofeo Evo build, along with a twin-turbo kit that makes 1250 wheel horsepower at all four wheels,” he said. 

“But what good is all that horsepower if you can’t legally use it on the road?”

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So Choi put a Class 4 trailer hitch on it that can handle up to 15,000 pounds. 

“Now I don’t know if the chassis of this car can [tow that much], but at least the trailer hitch can,” he said. 

Choi then jumped in his Huracan and drove it to the nearest Uhaul to rent a trailer. 

Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, a Lamborghini Huracan wasn’t actually an approved towing vehicle, even with the hitch fitted to the back.

But instead of letting that get in the way of his grand plan, Choi sent his friend in with a truck to rent the trailer. 

With this, he successfully circumnavigated the system and his plan was back in action. 

With the trailer hooked up to the back of the Huracan, Choi tried to back a Lamborghini Urus onto it. 

Unfortunately, this was where they hit another roadblock, as Choi didn’t count on the Urus being too wide for the trailer. 

Instead, he went home and grabbed his Audi RS6 which, at 65 inches wide, was a perfect fit.

The next challenge was loading it properly to make sure the weight was distributed evenly. 

“If you put too much weight on the front, then the rear suspension squats, and if you put too much weight on the back, you’re going to throw it out of stability and get a death wobble and crash,” he said. 

With the Audi RS6 in place, Choi jumped in his Huracan and headed straight to the freeway. 

Here, Choi says he got it up to 70 mph while towing at least 7,000 pounds. 

Next, Choi decided to level it up a notch and tow his friend’s truck. 

And with the wheels smoking, the Huracan pulled the truck with ease.

Next, Choi wanted to try his luck with the Urus again. 

So, he swapped out the trailer for a bigger one and loaded it up. 

And like a scene straight out of Fast and Furious, the Huracan towed the Urus while shooting flames out the back. 

“Oh my goodness, that was the gnarliest thing I’ve ever experienced,” he said. 

You can watch the action unfold here:



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