The new Toyota Century SUV is here and it costs the same as a Bentley

You can buy a couple of Land Rover Defenders at that price.

by | Published on 6th Sep 2023

This is the new Toyota Century SUV, and it’s by far the most expensive car the brand makes.

It’s massive, too, roughly the same size as a Range Rover.

And more importantly, it’s more expensive than a Range Rover.

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The cabin is a festival of plush leather, wood and aluminum.

There’s a sizable digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, and another 12.3-inch infotainment screen on the dashboard.

The seats at the back recline all the way, meaning you can hire a driver and use this as a private jet for the road.

Engine-wise, the Toyota Century SUV uses a 406-horsepower V6 as standard, but rumor has it a V8 may also be available as some point.

Some are also speculating a V12 might appear at some point, but to be honest, that sounds a bit too optimistic.

Now, that’s not ‘Toyota-esque’ at all.

The price is insane, and also not Toyota-esque.

The Toyota Century starts at $170,000 and you can very easily break the $200,000 barrier if you go a bit crazy with optional extras.

That’s Bentley territory.

The price may come as a shock to a lot of people, but this isn’t the first time Toyota has revealed a car that costs (a lot) more than you think.

Over a decade ago, the Japanese automaker introduced the super expensive LFA supercar through its luxury subsidiary Lexus.

When it was first announced, everyone assumed the Lexus LFA (below) would cost $100,000 – give or take.

Instead, it cost $375,000.

History is now repeating itself with the Toyota Century SUV.

Imagine the conversation when somebody buys one.

“What do you drive?” “Well, I drive a $170,000 SUV… made by Toyota.”




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