Toyota Land Cruiser pulls out semi-truck stuck in sand in miraculous rescue

You can always rely on a trust Land Cruiser.
  • A semi-truck got stuck in sand in Kerala, India
  • Thankfully, a Toyota Land Cruiser came to the rescue
  • Despite several failed attempts and a snapped tow rope, the Cruiser managed to haul the semi out of the sand, much to the delight of onlookers

Published on Apr 3, 2024 at 5:49PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 3, 2024 at 7:11PM (UTC+4)

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Toyota Land Cruiser pulls out semi-truck stuck on sand in miraculous rescue

Modifying cars – you either love it or hate it.

One country that certainly isn’t a fan is India, where it’s actually illegal to modify your ride.

Despite it being against the law there, there’s still a decent number of car owners who have customized their vehicles.

For example, take this Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series, which performed a daring rescue of a semi-truck that was semi-stuck – sorry – in the sand.

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In India, it is typically SUVs that are modified for off-road purposes.

And those modifications are being put to good use as this video from Kerala, a state in India’s tropical Malabar Coast, shows.

The video, shared by Muhammed Shamnad on his Instagram page, shows the hardy Toyota SUV in front of a loaded truck.

Toyota Land Cruiser pulls out semi-truck stuck on sand in miraculous rescue

According to reports online, the truck was loaded with vitrified tiles – an extremely heavy load – and it appears the truck was parked on loose soil, causing the wheels to sink.

As shown in the video, it also looks like the local police had reached the spot to control the traffic.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, tied in front of the truck, started pulling it and initially didn’t move.

In fact, the truck was so heavily loaded that the rope used to pull it out snapped.

After several attempts, the Toyota Land Cruiser thankfully managed to pull the truck out.

As for modifications on the SUV, it’s not particularly easy to spot them, other than a set of aftermarket alloy wheels and off-road spec tires.

Even without modifications, the Cruiser is an incredible vehicle, as this video shows as one climbs a steep incline.

A Land Cruiser even managed to drive 7 kilometers underwater, setting the longest underwater drive record.

Unsurprisingly, the comment section of the video is filled with posts praising the SUV’s capabilities.

“The feeling that you have after this is just lit… nothing can ever reach that peak,” one user wrote.

However, others were quick to point out the helpful driver might end up in a spot of bother.

“Don’t celebrate, cops took note of the car and now they will issue a challan [traffic offense notice] for modifications,” one user wrote.

Well, rules are rules, and they are there for a reason – whatever that reason exactly might be.

Still, you can bet that the owner of the truck stuck in the sand was glad that the Land Cruiser was on hand.

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