This futuristic train travels in the sky faster than most jets

It will travel faster than anything this side of a Gulfstream.

by | Published on 17th Sep 2022

Canadian start-up TransPod has built a futuristic train that travels in the sky.

Literally, that is, because it uses magnetic tubes and pods located above the ground.

Officially called the ‘FluxJet’, it’s a bit like a hybrid between a train and a plane.

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It is powered by electricity and it can travel faster than any car, any train, and even some jets.

So how does it work exactly?

The train consists of pods that levitate magnetically inside vacuum tubes.

Each train can carry up to 54 passengers and 10 tons of cargo.

Despite the outstanding tech it uses and its speed, TransPod says it will still be cheaper than a plane ticket by at least 44 percent.

It sounds awesome but it is going to be complicated for the plan to take off – pun intended – because the project is extremely expensive.


TransPod has recently received $550 million in financing, but that of course is not enough because the infrastructure alone will cost north of $18 billion.

In other words, it is going to be nigh on impossible to sustain the cost unless the Canadian government gets involved with funding.

The silver lining is this project will also create as many as 140,000 jobs between construction and maintenance of the network and the vehicles.

If it works out, Canada will have one of the most efficient and mind-blowing means of transport ever created.

According to TransPod, the FluxJet can travel at 1000km/h (621mph) and cover the 300km (185 miles) that separate Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta in just 45 minutes.

Imagine being able to travel from Vancouver to Ottawa in just 4.5 hours.



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