You can now go to the bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic wreckage… for a cool $250,000

by | May 22, 2022 - 6:10AM | Lifestyle, Luxury, Travel

A new expedition is taking people to the bottom of the ocean to see what remains of the Titanic. 

The ship, which sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912, is lying on the ocean floor roughly 643km (400 miles) off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. 

And for a cool $250,000 you can get a front-row seat.

Scientists say the ship is constantly dissolving due to bacteria and underwater currents and could disappear completely by as early as 2037. 

The underwater missions – which passengers will need to train for – will be eight days long. 

Training is required as the Titan submarine will drop 3800 meters below the surface.

OceanGate Expeditions president Stockton Rush said the trips were about “honoring and remembering all those lost and impacted by the tragic sinking of the Titanic”. 


“We are mindful of the lessons learned in the sinking and look forward to what the Titanic will teach us over the next 110 years,” he said. 

Paying passengers will join a crew of specialists including archaeologists, marine biologists, and Titanic experts. 

The researchers will assess the wreckage to get a better picture of the biodiversity on and around the ship.

“This study will give us an entirely different view of this one-of-a-kind habitat,” marine biology expert Dr Steve Ross said. 

“This includes invisible signs of both microscopic creatures and larger animals that leave traces of DNA in the water surrounding the Titanic.” 

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The submarine will also be fitted with high-tech cameras to take pictures of the wreckage to assess the decay and marine life that lives inside. 

The first expedition will kick off on June 15 this year. 

There is a very limited number of tickets, but if you’re keen to go and have a spare $250,000 lying around, you can click here to learn more.



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