World’s first ZERO star hotel room is in a gas station

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Man staying at the zero star hotel in a gas station forecourt

Most hotels pride themselves on a five, six, or seven star rating, but one hotel in Switzerland boasts proudly of its zero stars.

Called Null Stern Hotel, German for ‘0 star hotel’, it offers some truly unique views.

However, that’s mainly because its rooms have no walls or ceiling.

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Instead, the 0 star hotel ‘rooms’ consist of a bed and side tables on a concrete slab left open to all the elements.

There are four suites on offer, all with views of the stunning Swiss alps.

Don’t expect a good night’s sleep to be part of the plan, though, as one of the suits proclaims itself to be ‘anti-idyllic’.

No wonder when it’s located in the forecourt of a gas station.

On a busy road.

Out in the open.

Yeah, it really is zero star luxury.

“Rather than a place of rest, this new version aims to keep you awake and offers a place of reflection on current affairs such as the climate, the economy, security, or equality,” the hotel says of the concept.

At least its pride in offering zero star service makes for a brilliant tagline – “the only star is you” at this hotel.


The gas station suite joins suites located in a vineyard and on the side of a mountain.

It might be more peaceful there, although it’s unlikely you’ll feel very warm and cozy.

In saying that, you will at least get a taste of five-star luxury with your own personal butler.

Drinks, a range of local finger food, and breakfast are included with each booking.

Fortunately, a room in a proper hotel nearby is also included in case of bad weather.

The zero star hotel rooms are open for bookings during the Summer from July 1 to September 18, 2022, with each room priced from $340 per night.



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