Twitter co-founder reveals what he thinks of ‘reckless’ and ‘impatient’ Elon Musk

In one of the first interviews he’s given since stepping down, Jack Dorsey explained why he believed Musk was so ‘reckless’, ‘hasty’, and ‘impatient’.

by | Published on 13th Jun 2023

Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey has just spoken out again, revealing just what he thinks of Elon Musk

In one of the first interviews he’s given since stepping down from the board, Jack Dorsey said he believed Musk had been ‘reckless’, ‘hasty’, and ‘impatient’.

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Speaking to YouTube’s Breaking Points, the former Twitter CEO said Musk was Twitter’s “number one user” before he ever bought the platform.

“He’s our number one customer… he understood the platform deeply, and he’s a technologist and he builds technology,” he said. 

Dorsey said he approached Musk to join Twitter’s board multiple times before he finally accepted in April 2022. 

But that was when everything went south, Dorsey said.

When he tried to back out of buying the company, he was eventually forced into it by the board. 

Dorsey said this created a toxic environment. 

“I think it set up a dynamic where he had to be very hasty, he had to be impatient, and he had to move as quickly as possible with features even if they weren’t fully thought out,” he said. 

“It all looked fairly reckless.”

You can watch the full interview here:

Musk officially stepped down as CEO of the platform last week, handing over the reins to Linda Yaccarino

Yaccarino sent her first memo out to Twitter employees this week, titled “Building Twitter 2.0 Together”. 

In the email, she echoed Musk’s sentiments, saying Twitter was on its way to being the “global town square for communication”. 

“From space exploration to electric vehicles, Elon knew these industries needed transformation, so he did it,” she said.

“More recently it has become increasingly clear that the global town square needs transformation – to drive civilization forward through the unfiltered exchange of information and open dialogue about the things that matter most to us.” 

While Musk will continue as the head of Twitter’s product and engineering teams, Yaccarino will lead everything else. 



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