Japan’s ancient underwater ‘pyramid’ is the ultimate puzzle

It looks quite incredible.
  • A Japanese diver discovered this underwater pyramid by pure accident
  • It is roughly 9 meters tall, and it can be found 5 meters underwater
  • Some scientists believe it may have something to do with indigenous people that lived in Japan 14,000 years ago

Published on Jan 16, 2024 at 12:04PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 6, 2024 at 2:14PM (UTC+4)

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This is a massive underwater pyramid that was discovered in Japan.

A diver found it by accident a while back, and people still don’t know what to make of it.

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Kihachiro Aratake, a local diver, found this monument by pure accident in 1987.

Aratake was diving near Yonaguni Island, Japan’s westernmost island, when he happened upon this underwater pyramid.

Two things stand out.

Firstly, the size of the pyramid.

It’s nine meters tall, basically the same as a 3-story building, which is not exactly small.

Secondly, the fact that it is located just five meters below the surface.

Since then, various scientists and archeologists have been speculating and forming theories regarding the origin of this pyramid.

Professor Masaaki Kimura of Ryukyu University said it is quite difficult to explain the origin, but it’s clear they’re human made.

There are various theories around this monument.

One theory suggests this is one of several monuments built by the Jomon People, indigenous people that inhabited the island approximately 14,000 years ago.

Boston University Professor Robert Schoch added that this pyramid appears to be structurally and architecturally similar to other similar sandstone constructions on land.

For now, this remains a mystery.

And perhaps it’s for the better.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered an entire city 40 meters beneath the surface of a lake in China.

What’s shocking is that the city is underwater because the government of China deliberately decided to flood the area to build a hydroelectric power plant.

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