Video shows guy taking his robot dog on a shopping spree

It appears a guy taking his robot dog on a shopping spree to the local Fendi store has hit a nerve, judging by people’s comments on the video.

by | Published on 5th Apr 2023

A video posted to Instagram is whipping up a storm.

The problem is, people aren’t going crazy for it because they like it.

Folks are throwing hate at a guy for taking his robot dog on a shopping spree.

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Before getting into what people are saying, this is how the video went down.

In the video, a guy can be seen walking into a Fendi store with his robot dog in tow.

Clearly, this draws plenty of attention, as several shoppers and even staff members can be seen getting pictures of the robot dog.

That might have something to do with what the dog was actually doing.

Usually, dogs beg for food or for you to throw a ball for them to fetch.

Not this robot dog, though, which was “begging” for designer garments.

Pandering to this behavior, its owner – wearing sunglasses and with his hood up – happily obliged, trying several items on the dog.

At one point, the robot dog can be seen wearing a dog coat, adorned in the famous ‘FF’ motif.

Said Fendi dog coat has a price tag of $415.

Explains why people have got their backs up about the video.

The comments give you a fair idea of how narked people are by the guy and his robot dog’s actions.

One user commented on the video saying, “Tell me you want attention without actually telling me you want attention.”

Another user, similarly aggrieved by the video said, “They [SIC] are poor people out there looking for something to eat, and you’re there buying expensive clothes for robotic dog. Where is the love?”

Another simply commented, “Humanity is ending.”

The Instagram video, shared by Mr. Chu and reposted by redboyfr, has amassed more than 45,000 likes since it went live.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘dislike’ button on the platform, otherwise we guarantee people would likely choose that over the ‘like’ button.



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